Brentwood Plumbing & Heating Ltd has over 30 years experience.


We are based in Rawdon, Leeds, our family business is well established in the area and we have built up a strong reputation for our plumbing and heating services over the years.

Why choose Brentwood Plumbing & Heating Ltd?

Our core values are professionalism, reliability, and value for money. We believe that it is our commitment to these values that has brought us so much success as a company. Allowing us to always deliver a high quality product for a fair price. 

The extensive experience that we bring to our plumbing and heating services means that we can adapt our work to suit the individual requirements of any job. If you have any special requests at all, just let us know.


We are accredited partners with Vaillant the leading boiler manufacturer in Europe - offering up to 10 years manufacturers parts and labour guarantee on all Vaillant condensing boilers

We offer an emergency plumbing and central heating service for Leeds and its surrounding areas. However we also offer boiler installation and special packages nationwide.


If ever you need a plumber in the Leeds or a boiler installation in the UK we want to be your first point of call. We make sure that we are always at the other end of the phone so that we can be relied upon in the event of an emergency.

Whether you have had a plumbing disaster or would just like us to come and fix a leaking tap, we will always provide the same high standards of service.


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We are now offering boiler finance options in Leeds. 

We are now offering new combi boiler finance options. 

New boiler payment plans in Leeds.

Boiler finance now available in Leeds.

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